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Business card maker software

Now you can create business cards easily by your own hands and shape your business card in the way you want. Business card maker software is specially designed with a variety of features that offers any category of users with a creative environment to create business cards relevant to the business needs and objectives. Business card maker software allows users to craft any number of business cards as per requirement by changing the text and barcode value.

Price : $49

Software presents users the privilege to add a photo of his choice, append text and barcode with different barcode value, barcode header and footer to the business card providing it a customized look. So get software today, just install it and start crafting business specific cards, staff cards, visiting cards etc. Software works to create the business cards in less time yet with inclusion of versatile features that would smoothly organize your business processes in the way you like.

Business card maker software Screenshots
Create Card By Using Wizard

Choose any one option from Start with Templates, Create Card By Using Wizard, or Create Card with Blank Format and click OK button.

Set card properties

Enter card name and size. Select card type and shape.

Front view of card

You can add various shapes on card and set shape properties such as color settings and other settings of shape.
Design business card as you want. As you can see the Front View of designed business card.

Set Text Properties

Add text on card and set text properties such as font settings, color settings and other settings.

Print preview of cards

To print your designed cards, set print settings and click Print button. You can also see the print preview of cards.

Software Features

  • Fast and easy design: Inclusion of various image designing objects such as pencil, text, shapes etc helps to craft wonderful business cards in a creative manner.
  • Append photo, text: Choose the best of your photos to add to your business card, add the text you want to display, barcode, logos etc to give the card the look you want.
  • Use color setting features: You can set the color of your business card in the way you want, the control lies in your hand.
  • Customized printing options: Software offers a wide variety of print settings which aids to create business cards and print accordingly.
  • Create new card or edit existing one: Software facilitates users to either create a new business card from scratch or modify existing card as per business requirement or needs.
  • Bulk business cards can be created: Multiple business cards can be created by changing the text or barcode value.
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